Our ingredients, our suppliers

We want to create delicious, healthy and eco-friendly products. That’s why we only work with suppliers who share our values and guarantee 100% organic raw materials. Our suppliers are our trusted partners, and they have been carefully selected over the years through continuous quality checks.

Bassi S.p.a. – Blue Cheese 

Bassi S.p.a. is a leading company in the production of PDO Gorgonzola, whose origins date back to the late 19th Century, when Mr. Giovanni Bassi began to dedicate himself to the milk collection and processing to produce Gorgonzola.1

• Casearia Sant’Anna – PDO Parmesan 

“50 years of experience in high quality products” – Casearia Sant’Anna hands down, from generation to generation, its experience in organic farming, cattle farming, milk production and artisanal production of organic PDO Parmigiano Reggiano.2

• Consorzio Natura & Alimenta – Demeter Ricotta and Tomato Sauce

The vocation of the Consorzio Natura & Alimenta comes from the respect for the nature, the animals they breed, the human being and the smart diet. As a result of their work they have a higher quality and the lack of chemicals and organic poisons as fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides. Thanks to the passion for what they do, the desire of supporting organic farmers and the wish of offering a service to their clients, they came up with the idea of bringing directly to the final consumer the best quality food : organic and biodynamic. They harvest, prepare and deliver the products coming from the soil they cultivate or from companies of their associates 20 minutes from Turin and 1 hour from Milan. These products are the best in terms of quality/price ratio.3

• Ecor-NaturaSì – Raw materials from Ecor-NaturaSì’s organic supply chain

logoEcor-NaturaSì’s mission is to distribute organic, biodynamic and natural products improving human health, while preserving soil fertility and respecting the environment.
Ecor-NaturaSì is our main supplier for raw materials such as flour, bran, cereal and vegetables. All our ingredients come from organic supply chains certified by Ecor-NaturSì: for this reason we can provide consumers with the best products in terms of quality and food safety.4

• Felderzeugnisse – Demeter Vegetables

To be good- for the earth, for human beings and animals- is one of the aims of Felderzeugnisse, the other is to taste good. They try to make them collude. They consider in fact food as a source of pleasure, which not only has to make stronger but also happier. The purpose of this company is to offer high quality products and full transparency towards the clients and in this way to improve the acceptance of sustainable food. For all types of clients, for gourmets, but above all for our planet earth.5

• Filogea – Biodynamic Rocket

filogea“Our experience combined with biodynamic principles” – Filogea, located near Viterbo in Central Italy, grows biodynamic fruits and vegetables with passion. The company was founded 10 years ago in Friuli, in North-East Italy, and then moved to Viterbo, where soil and weather conditions were ideal for farming all year round. Today, Filogea produces biodynamic fruits and vegetables only, and all of its products are certified by ‘Demeter’.6

• Frescolat – Spreadable, Spreadable Blue, Mozzarisella® and Morlacco

frescolat“To live in harmony with nature” – Frescolat has developed and patented an innovative product range based on Italian organically-grown germinated brown rice. Spreadable, Spreadable Blue and Mozzarisella® are a light and highly-digestible alternatives for those who suffer from lactose and gluten intolerances. The products do not contain milk and lactose and are made only with high-quality vegetables.7

• Funghi San Giorgio – Shiitake mushrooms

Shiittake mushrooms (Lentinus edodes) in Japanese culture are considered an important source of nutrients, vitamins and natural defences, such as iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, vitamin B, folic acid, provitamin D and polysaccharides. The Shiitake mushrooms used by Albio are grown in Northern Italy, according to organic farming methods.8

• Mediterranea S.r.l. – Tofu, Seitan and Miso

“Love for nature and artisan quality” – Mediterranea produces vegetable protein products that are 100% organic, MGO free and made in Italy. Tofu is a high protein food made by coagulating soymilk. It has large amounts of proteins and unsaturated fat and a low starch count. Seitan is a high protein food, made by washing wheat flour dough with water until all the starch granules have been removed, leaving the sticky insoluble gluten as an elastic mass.9

• Molini del Ponte – Ancient Grains Flour

molini_de_vitaMolini del Ponte is at the forefront of technological investments in milling plants and strongly commit to keeping ancient milling techniques and old traditional Sicilian mills alive. Our pasta is made exclusively with Timilia durum wheat grown by Biogaia, an organic and biodynamic farm based in Salemi (Trapani). Timilia durum wheat is ancient grain cultivated only in Sicily. It is not hybrid, genetically modified or grown using growth retardants and food gamma ray irradiation. Moreover, thanks to the specific climate of the Sicilian countryside and to the good practises of organic farming, ancient Sicilians grains are free from mycotoxins and fungicides residues. The French millstones La Ferté, with which Timilia flour is produced, are made with limestones, known for their high porosity and friction power. The millstones’ porosity is enhanced through the rabbigliatura (redressing), a traditional technique used to keep millstones well-functioning and to obtain a flour rich in bran and germ, which contain the most important organoleptic characteristics of the wheat. Traditional stone grinding mills do not overheat the wheat during the process, thus obtaining a high quality flour.
Furthermore, Timilia durum wheat is rich in folic acid, which helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and of lignans, which are believed to strengthen our immune system. Timilia durum wheat is also more digestible than common wheat, since the protein fraction of the gluten it contains has not been modified throughout time.10

• Molini De Vita – Italian durum wheat flour and Cappelli wheat

molini_de_vitaMolini De Vita were founded in an agricultural region, known as the “granary of Italy”, on the hills of Daunia, near the city of Foggia, in Southern Italy. It is here that, thanks to favourable weather conditions and to the quality of the fertile soil, the most world-renowned durum wheat is produced. Cappelli wheat, created in 1900, is the result of interbreeding and has been recently rediscovered for its excellent organoleptic properties. Cappelli wheat is grown exclusively organically.11

• Molino Rachello – Spelt flour

Molino Rachello is based near Treviso and has been producing flour for more than 100 years. What began as with an ancient mill, is now a modern laboratory with a photovoltaic plant, a hydroelectric turbine and air filtering system. Spelt (Triticum spelta) is an ancient cereal that was grown already back in 4000 B.C. One of its derivate is wheat. Today spelt is appreciated and used because of its high nutrients and proteins content and lower calorie count, as compared to other cereals. Spelt flour used by Albio comes only from Italian organically-grown spelt.12

• Perlage – Red Wine 

All Perlage products are organic certified and guarantee the greatest quality of organic wine. The organic cultivation promoted by Perlage allows the limitation of the chemical treatments harmful for the plant in primis, but above all for the land, the air and the water. The elements that surround the hill should be safeguarded because they are integral part of a territory remained untouched for millenniums and that allows the well-being and the health of its citizens.13

• Soster – Sheep ricotta, lactose free ricotta and Mozzarella

“From ancient traditions… to today’s delights” – Soster is a family run dairy farm based near Vicenza (Northern Italy) that has been crafting dairy products since the 1940s and boasts over 70 years of experience in the field. Soster selects the best natural raw materials to offer its clients. They are high-quality products only and include milk from Alpine pastures, salt, rennet and milk enzymes. These products do not have any chemicals added to them. The lactose free ricotta is the ideal choice for those who suffer from lactose intolerances and still want to enjoy dairy products, without losing the important proteins of the ricotta. The organic sheep ricotta has a characteristic intense flavour that goes along well with the filling of our fresh filled pasta.14

• Time s.a.s. – Organic Vegetables 

Since 1990 Time s.a.s. operates in the distribution of organic food and it is the first company in Italy to deal with organic frozen vegetables (-20°) , becoming a leading company in its field. All products offered by them are the result of the application of strict control criteria of the raw materials used by procuders and transformers (exclusively from certified organic agriculture and without the use of genetically modified organisms). 15

Bassi S.p.a.

2 Casearia Sant’anna

3 Consorzio Natura & Alimenta 





Funghi San Giorgio

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