Our products are the result of a careful mix of traditional Italian recipes and high quality raw materials meeting the different needs of every client. This harmonious blend of tradition and innovation is made possible by the ALBIO team, which boasts over 30 years of professional experience in the field and includes many young and dedicated professionals.

We carefully select our raw materials, exclude the use of any chemicals and carry out a rigorous quality check during the whole manufacturing process. Experience the authentic taste of our environmentally-friendly products!

Fresh and filled pasta, gnocchi, spätzle, bakery products and culinary specialities: all made only with superior quality ingredients, 100% organic:

• 100% italian ingredients
• certified flours of Cappelli wheat, Timilia Wheat, durum wheat, spelt, khorasan wheat
• fresh steamed potatoes
• non-freeze-dried vegetables from organic or biodynamic farming
• CreamyRisella®, MozzaRisella® and BlueRisella® from whole sprouted rice
• high protein tofu and seitan
• ricotta and certified cheeses from organic or biodynamic farming
• eggs from free-range chicken
• water from the Pre-Alps of Belluno and Treviso
• glutamate-free, artificial flavouring-free, GMO-free


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