Vegan and Vegetarian

Why go Veg?
Our company has been producing vegan and vegetarian products since 1988: we know that consumers awareness toward animal welfare and the environment increases day by day.
We want our products to reflect the values our company and our clients believe in.
We have chosen to follow the vegan and vegetarian path because we strongly believe that animals deserve a healthy, peaceful life, in compliance with their specific behavioural needs. Animals should live in natural conditions, not be fed a diet tainted with antibiotics and be slaughtered for human consumption.

The reasons behind our choice
Animal farming, particularly in intensive systems, has a very strong impact in terms of water and food consumption. Energy consumption is also very high due to livestock transportation and the manufacturing process. Additionally, the increasing exploitation of soil for cereals and soy crops – used for the production of animal feed – is leading to unsustainable pressure on land and to the deforestation of tropical areas.
Vegetarian diet needs a third of cultivated land required for a diet including meat consumption. This problem will become more and more pressing with the increase in world population and in food demand.

Moreover veg diets are inherently healthful because vegans and vegetarians consume less saturated fat and more fibres, vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants.

We believe a vegan diet is more ethical compared to vegetarian diets since it respects people’s sensitivity and avoids animal exploitation throughout the whole production chain.

For this reason we devote great attention to our vegan line, meeting the need of self-aware, conscious consumers.